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FAQ: Why don't I see my data in my account?
FAQ: Why don't I see my data in my account?
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Can't see your data in your account, or did the subscription you paid for yesterday seem to disappear? Don't worry. We listed a few scenarios to help you locate your data.

Did you sign up with your MetaMask wallet?

When signing up with MetaMask, CTC recognizes your account by your wallet address. Please ensure you select only one address and use the same one when signing up and logging in to access the same account and subscription you paid for.

Do you have multiple email addresses?

If you signed up with an email and password, please double-check that you are using the same email address. You should usually receive a welcome email upon signing up and a receipt for every subscription you've paid for. Try searching for 'CTC LEDGER' or 'cryptotaxcalculator' in your inboxes, and you should be able to identify which email you used to sign up.

Are you an accountant, or does your accountant invite you?

If you're a client invited by your accountant, or an accountant who invited a client to Crypto Tax Calculator, you can share data with each other. However, if you accidentally select the wrong data set, you may not see the expected information. (Don't worry; this can be switched at any time. πŸ˜‰)

As an invited client, please ensure that you select the data set you want to work on with your accountant on your Settings page (Settings -> Permissions -> Data management or

An accountant can not change this setting on their side, so please ensure your client selects the data set you want to work on.

Check this guide for more information about data sharing.

Lastly, hard refresh the page.

This is rarely the case, but always try a hard refresh on the page if you suspect it's the issue with your browser, and give it some time if you have many transactions.



Google Chrome

Ctrl + F5

Cmd + Shift + R


Ctrl + F5

Cmd + Shift + R



Opt + Cmd + E

Microsoft Edge

Ctrl + F5


If you still can not locate your account or see your data, contact the support team using the in-app chat so we can assist you further. πŸ˜‡

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