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Once an accountant’s invitation has been accepted by a client, there are now two sets of data:

  • The data set that the accountant imported

  • The data set that the client imported

Only the invited client will be able to select which data source is being shared (see above).

Whilst this impacts which data is being worked on by both parties, it does not delete the data which is not being viewed. For example, let’s say a client is managing their subscription and is invited by their accountant to collaborate. If the client has already worked on their transactions before being invited by their accountant, then the client would select ‘My imported data’ rather than “Accountant data”.

Beyond impacting which data source is visible across both parties, this toggle also has an impact on data ownership. If you are collaborating on the accountant’s data, then the accountant has ownership over this data, and vice versa.

If we continue from the example above, the client has been invited by their accountant.

Client selects ‘My imported data’

Let’s look at what happens if the client were to select ‘My imported data'.

If the client decides to share their already imported data, the client would select ‘My imported data’ under the Working Data menu. If the client was to revoke their accountant access, then the accountant would lose access to the client’s data, whilst the client would continue seeing this data as if nothing had happened. The same result would occur if the accountant were to delete the client from their accountant dashboard.

Client selects ‘Accountant Data’

Let’s look at what happens if the client were to select ‘Accountant Data’.

In this example, rather than working on ‘My imported data’, they decide to start from scratch and instead work on ‘Accountant Data’. If the client ever revokes access to the accountant, then the client will lose access to the ‘Accountant Data’ since the accountant has ownership over this data – the accountant would still be able to see this data on their end. Similarly, if the accountant deletes the client, then both parties lose access to this data. In both of these scenarios, the client would then revert back to seeing ‘My imported data’, since that data is not deleted from CTC.

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