With our platform, we have a useful feature for accountants who want to invite their clients onto the platform so that they can collaboratively work on their reports.

Please note that accountants must have the accountant suite in order to utilise the 'invite' feature. Also, at this stage only the accountant can invite the client onto the platform and not vice versa (i.e., the client cannot invite the accountant onto the platform).

  1. Go to the 'My Clients' page then click '+ Add new client' in order to create a client profile:

2. Enter the name of your client then click 'save':

3. From here, you can click the 'invite' button next to your client's name:

4. This will then open up a box where you can enter your name as the accountant, and then enter their email address so that they will receive the invitation through their email:

5. From here, they can click on the link in their email which will accept the invite and lead them to CryptoTaxCalculator's sign up page. Once signed up, they can import their data on their end and then both of you will be able to review the transactions, make edits and generate the reports. If the client already has an account with us they can just log in and go to settings to accept the invite. They will have to choose which data they want to show, either client-side data or the accountant side data.

NOTE: if the accountant has already paid for the client's subscription, then the invited client does not need to pay. Similarly, if the invited client has already paid for their subscription, then the accountant won't have to pay. In other words, we will never double charge you.

Important Information regarding data ownership:

When an accountant invites a client, the client will have to accept the invite and decide which data set to display for both themselves and the accountant.

Say, the accountant has data A and the client has data B.

  1. If the client chooses “My imported Data” - it means now both the client and accountant will see data B.

  2. Client choose “Accountant data” - it means now both the client and accountant will see data A.

If the accountant has uploaded data on their side prior to the invite and the client's account is empty, the accountant data should be selected. If the client has uploaded data prior to the invite, and the accountant side is empty, the client should select their own data. If both parties have uploaded data, the client and accountant should decide which data set should be kept and choose accordingly.

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