How to change my email?
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You can change your email on the Settings page anytime. Changing the email will also change where the payment notifications are sent.


  1. You can only use an email that is not currently associated with CTC as your new email.

  2. If you log in via OAuth (Google, Coinbase, or Xero), you must first disconnect your OAuth and change it to the email and password login method. Disabling OAuth is irreversible. Check the Settings Page guide on how to disable OAuth.


  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Select the first profile on the drop-down menu. This profile represents the accountant's account and is not any of your clients.

  3. Go to 'Accountant Settings' and click 'Change email'. Enter your new email.

  4. Click 'Save'.

Individual user

  1. Go to Settings -> Account.

  2. Click 'Change email', and enter your new email.

  3. Click 'Save'.

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