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FAQ: What to do when the app is slow?
FAQ: What to do when the app is slow?
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If the app is running slowly, there are a few steps you can take to improve its performance:

1. Hard-refresh the page

This forces the browser to clear its cache and reload all content from the server, ensuring that the most up-to-date version of the page is displayed.



Google Chrome

Ctrl + F5

Cmd + Shift + R


Ctrl + F5

Cmd + Shift + R



Opt + Cmd + E

Microsoft Edge

Ctrl + F5


2. Close the unnecessary tabs

This helps speed up CTC by freeing up system resources like memory and processing power, improving the app's performance and responsiveness.

💡Tip: If closing other tabs doesn't work, try closing extra CTC tabs to reduce the load between our server and your device.

3. Log out and log back in

This can help improve the app's performance by resetting the user session and clearing session-specific data that may be slowing down performance.

4. Restart the browser

This helps speed up a web-based app by clearing the browser's memory and temporary data, which can resolve issues and free up resources, improving overall performance.

💡Tip: If you are using Safari, consider switching to a different browser like Chrome for potentially better performance.

5. Restart the computer

This helps speed up a web-based app by clearing the system's memory and closing background processes, freeing up resources and improving overall performance and responsiveness.

6. Try again later

The app might be temporarily slow due to high server load or network congestion, and occasionally because of ongoing maintenance or updates. Performance should typically improve if you try again later, especially during high-demand periods like tax season.

Other scenarios

If it's slow when scrolling

You can switch the 'smooth scrolling' toggle on Settings -> Account for a better experience.

If it's slow when syncing via APIs

Syncing data from an API can be slow due to high server load, data volume, and network latency. Additionally, how fast CTC can fetch data from API providers or exchanges depends on the restrictions they have applied on their endpoints, such as rate limits and throttling.


  • You do not need to keep the tab open to sync the data. Check back later to see the progress.

  • Perform a hard refresh to ensure the page you are viewing is up to date.

If the syncing fails, refer to these two guides for a resolution:

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