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How to Bulk Edit Transactions
How to Bulk Edit Transactions
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Bulk Editing Feature

You can bulk edit your transactions on the ‘Transactions’ page. Below are the available features for bulk editing:

  • Edit transaction category

  • Edit transaction currency

  • Add comments to transactions

  • Mark transactions as spam

  • Edit the Outgoing account

  • Edit the Incoming account

  • Ignore transactions

  • Mark transactions as reviewed

  • Lookup market price

  • Ignore transactions

  • Delete transactions

  • Ignore warnings

How to select multiple transactions?

On the Transactions page, you can select the transactions by ticking the box on the left-hand side of individual transactions.

If you want to select a certain type of transaction, use the filter for the transactions you would like to bulk edit:

Apply the filter(s), and then you can tick the box on the far left-hand side to select ALL filtered transactions on this page:

How to bulk edit the transactions?

Once the transactions are selected, a toolbar will show up at the bottom of the window.

  • Press 'C' to categorize

  • Press 'Cmd' 'K' to open th Edit menu

Here are the available options when you click 'Edit' or press 'Cmd' 'K'

  • Categorize

    • Grouped transactions such as 'trade' can be recategorized as another grouped transaction

    • Selecting one-way transactions will give you the option to categorize them in that same direction. E.g., if you have selected incoming transactions only, the categories available will be incoming categories only.

    • If you need to change the direction of the transactions, please click the arrow:

      Then, you'll have the option to categorize them in the opposite direction (E.g., from an incoming to an outgoing).

    • Selecting transactions with both incoming and outgoing directions will give you the option to categorize both directions.

  • Change currency

    1. Select the currency you want to 'change from' first.

    2. And then select the currency you want to 'change to'.

Note: If you change to the new currency and would like the new currency price to be applied, you need to follow the below steps after changing the currency:

  1. Select the transactions you want to update the market price.

  2. Click 'edit' or 'Cmd' + 'K'

  3. Select 'lookup market price' for the new currency.

  • Add comments to transactions

    Add the same comment to multiple transactions.

  • Mark as spam

    This is similar to ‘ignore’, but the transactions will be bulk marked as spam.

  • Change Outgoing account

    Bulk edit the outgoing exchange/wallet.

  • Change Incoming account

    Bulk edit the incoming exchange/wallet

  • Ignore transactions

    The transactions will still be in the app but will be ignored. You can come back to the ignored transactions if you change your mind in the future.

  • Mark transactions as reviewed

    Mark multiple transactions as reviewed.

  • Lookup market price

    Use this feature to fetch the market price. If it’s not available, you need to find the price and manually add it.

  • Delete transactions

    The transactions will be permanently deleted from your data.

Note: This action is irreversible.

  • Ignore warnings
    Ignore warnings about the transactions.

Note: This does not fix the issue. For example, if the purchasing history is missing, after ignoring warnings, the warning disappears, but the purchasing history will still be missing.

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