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How to Bulk Edit Transactions
How to Bulk Edit Transactions
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Bulk Editing Feature

You can bulk edit your transactions on the ‘Transactions’ page. Below are the available features for bulk editing:

  • Edit transaction category

  • Edit transaction currency

  • Add comments to transactions

  • Mark transactions as spam

  • Edit the Outgoing account

  • Edit the Incoming account

  • Ignore transactions

  • Mark transactions as reviewed

  • Lookup market price

  • Ignore transactions

  • Delete transactions

  • Ignore warnings

How to select multiple transactions?

Select all

On the Transactions page, you can select the transactions by ticking the box on the left-hand side of individual transactions.

Select filtered transactions

If you want to select a certain type of transaction, use the filter for the transactions you would like to bulk edit.

Apply the filter(s), and then you can tick the box on the far left-hand side to select ALL filtered transactions on this page:

If you’ve bulk selected an entire page, but there are more potential transactions on the following pages, the bulk edit popup will give you the option to ‘Select all transactions that match this filter

This way, you can bulk-select all of the applicable transactions at once, even if they don’t fit on a given page.

How to bulk edit the transactions?

Once the transactions are selected, a toolbar will appear at the window's bottom.

  • Press 'C' to categorize

  • Press 'Cmd' 'K' to open the edit menu

Here are the available options when you click 'Edit' or press 'Cmd' 'K'


  • Grouped transactions such as 'trade' can be recategorized as another grouped transaction

  • Selecting one-way transactions will give you the option to categorize them in that same direction. E.g., if you have selected incoming transactions only, the categories available will be incoming categories only.

  • If you need to change the direction of the transactions, please click the arrow:

    Then, you'll have the option to categorize them in the opposite direction (E.g., from an incoming to an outgoing).

  • Selecting transactions with both incoming and outgoing directions will give you the option to categorize both directions.

Change currency

  1. Select the currency you want to 'change from' first.

  2. And then select the currency you want to 'change to'.

Note: If you change to the new currency and would like the new currency price to be applied, you need to follow the below steps after changing the currency:

  1. Select the transactions you want to update the market price.

  2. Click 'edit' or 'Cmd' + 'K'

  3. Select 'lookup market price' for the new currency.

Other features

Add comments to transactions

Add the same comment to multiple transactions.

Mark as spam

This is similar to ‘ignore’, but the transactions will be bulk marked as spam.

Change Outgoing account

Bulk edit the outgoing exchange/wallet.

Change Incoming account

Bulk edit the incoming exchange/wallet

Ignore transactions

The transactions will still be in the app but will be ignored. You can come back to the ignored transactions if you change your mind in the future.

Mark transactions as reviewed

Mark multiple transactions as reviewed.

Lookup market price

Use this feature to fetch the market price. If it’s not available, you need to find the price and manually add it.

Delete transactions

The transactions will be permanently deleted from your data.

Note: This action is irreversible.

Ignore warnings

Ignore warnings about the transactions.

Note: This does not fix the issue. For example, if the purchasing history is missing, after ignoring warnings, the warning disappears, but the purchasing history will still be missing.

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