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Price is Incorrect

How to fix a transaction which is showing the incorrect price

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If you notice there is a transaction with the wrong price/value, this is usually because our system is getting confused with a duplicate ticker symbol (Pulling data for the wrong currency/token). Alternatively, it might be due to missing price information.

Handling Incorrect Currency

There has been an explosion of altcoins with conflicting tickers (E.g. BTC, ETH etc). Instead of looking at the ticker symbol we now look at the smart contract address to determine the exact currency. Most centralized exchanges don't provide this information. In this situation, we make some educated guesses but sometimes it goes wrong. You can correct this by manually editing the transaction. If you have many transactions requiring a change, you can bulk edit those transactions by filtering for the incorrect currency, select all, and then click the edit currency dialog box.
For a more in-depth guide please view the Currency Is Incorrect help article.

Handling Missing Price Information

If you have been trading an obscure altcoin we might not have the pricing information for this token. We are constantly adding support for more tokens and for many trades, we can also use the other side of the trade as a reference price. However, if you are seeing transactions with missing price warnings, you can manually edit these.

Handling incorrect Price Information

If the currency is correct, and there is no missing price information, then usually the price will be correct. For clarity, we use a number of priority systems to get the right price:

  1. If the exchange has provided a fiat price at the time of transaction we will is this first

  2. If you are trading between two cryptocurrencies, we will use the most stable currency as the reference price. E.g. Fiat > Stable Coins > BTC > ETH > altcoins.

  3. If we have no reference price we will look up the altcoin price with the largest market cap using internally sourced information from an aggregate of exchanges. If this is not available we will fall back on a service like CoinGecko.

If you find for some reason the price has still not been correctly calculated, and you have checked that the currency is correct, then you can manually edit this price.

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