With hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrencies in existence, and hundreds more launching every day, there are many tokens that now share the same name and/or ticker symbol. When CryptoTaxCalculator pulls in the data from your wallets and exchanges, the platform will generally try to use the token contract address to identify the token, which negates the issue of shared tickers. However, some imports (such as exchange CSV files) do not generally provide the token contract address and only give a name and/or the ticker symbol. The platform will automatically assume this ticker is associated with the highest ranked coin by market cap and assign this coin to those transactions.

Most of the time, this method of assigning the coin works for our users. However, if you have traded a coin that shares a ticker symbol with another token ranked higher by market cap, you may find the incorrect currency has been assigned to your transactions on the platform.

This is a very simple issue to correct and can be done following these steps:

  1. Head to the ‘Review Transactions’ page

2. Select all of the transactions affected using the check boxes on the left. Please note this can only be done for non-grouped transactions such as buys, sells, sends, receives, airdrops etc

3. Go to the bottom of the page and select the ‘Change Currency’ field. Type in the ticker for the currency you wish to assign to the transactions. If the ticker is the same as the currency already assigned, we will list the other options with the same ticker below. If you cannot see the currency name for the token you wish to assign, simply select the bottom option ‘Add “XXX” (XXX) currency.

4. Once you have selected the currency, confirm by clicking the ‘tick’ symbol on the right.

5. You will now see the new currency has been assigned to the selected transactions, however, you may still have some grouped transactions that need the currency reassigned as well.

6. To correct group transactions, head to the three dots on the right of the chosen transaction and select ‘Edit’.

7. You can now select the field showing the incorrect currency and enter the ticker for the token you wish to reassign to that transaction. Similar to step 3, select the correct currency.

8. If the fee was also assigned the incorrect currency, remember to change this also. This can be done by selecting ‘Advanced’ on the bottom left.

9. Select ‘Save’ to save your changes.

10. Continue repeating the previous steps until all of your transactions have been corrected.

*Please note the ‘Value’ column is displayed in AUD in the above screenshots. This column will display the value of your trades in your own local currency

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