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How to Manage and Check Your Payments and Subscription (Individual plan)
How to Manage and Check Your Payments and Subscription (Individual plan)

A guide on managing your payment details and subscription, and downloading your receipt and invoice.

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This is a guide for the individual users. If you are using an accountant portal, please visit this guide instead.

Crypto Tax Calculator (CTC) is a yearly subscription platform. This means that you pay upfront for the entire year, and your subscription auto-renews every year.

Manage your subscription and payments

Head to the top-right corner and click on the little human icon. Next, click ‘Manage Subscription‘ to open up a new tab that takes you to your Stripe portal.

Your Stripe Portal looks similar to this.

You can do a few things on your Manage Payments (Stripe Portal) page.

  1. Manage your subscription.

  2. Check your cost details.

  3. Manage your payment method.

  4. Manage your billing information.

  5. Check and download your invoice and receipt.

1. Manage your subscription

You can check your current plan and cancel your subscription anytime. If you cancel the plan, you will still have full access to your reports until your subscription period ends. You can resume your subscription anytime.

If the plan is canceled and not resumed by the end of your subscription, your data will be permanently deleted from our system. (More details in the Cancellation Policy)

2. Check your cost details

3. Manage your payment method

You can update your card details here. If you still have an active plan, you need to add a new card before deleting the old one.

Even if your card has expired or is no longer valid, your issuing bank will often still allow the payment to go through. (See the below picture from Stripe.)

4. Manage your billing information

NOTE: This action will only change the email receiving the invoice and payment notifications. Your Crypto Tax Calculator login email will remain the same.

This will update your billing email. All the invoices and payment notifications will be sent to this email.

5. Check and download your invoice and receipt

You can click the arrow next to the billing date, which will take you to a new tab that allows you to download your invoice and receipt.

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