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Managing Clients: Self-service & reconciliation review
Managing Clients: Self-service & reconciliation review

You can get the client to come onto the platform as you it as a self-service product

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In this method, you as the accountant can invite the client onto the platform and have them import all their wallets and exchanges and review the transactions on their own.

Once everything is reconciled on the transactions page, we suggest setting up a consultancy session with the client to go through and review the transactions that the client has reconciled.

As the client is connected to the platform, it allows you and the client to share the same view and also make any final comments before generating the reports in the Reports page.

You can use the ‘mark as reviewed’ button once you have finished reviewing the transaction. This can be extremely helpful to easily see which transactions have been checked and confirmed and which ones haven't yet.

Another useful feature in the app is the "copy link" feature, which allows the accountant or client to easily share the transaction with either party. You can send this link over email or any chat messaging platform and this link opens the transactions table with the transaction in question highlighted.

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