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Common actions accountants can ask clients to take
Common actions accountants can ask clients to take

Once the client has accepted the accountant invitation, there are some actions outlined below that the client can take

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Once you have extended an invitation to the client to join the platform, there are several tasks you, as the accountant, can request them to complete in order to make progress toward preparing the tax reports as easy as possible.

1. Importing all their data

The first step is for the client to import their data on the 'Integrations' page:

Make sure the client imports all their data following the instructions on the right-hand side for each exchange/wallet.

2. Working on the suggested items on the Review page

Make sure they go through and reconcile as much as they can on the Review page, i.e., categorizing all their transactions correctly, solving negative balances and missing price issues, and so on.

3. Leaving comments on transactions

For clients to further communicate with their accountants, they can expand transactions and leave comments to explain the details of the transaction - giving the accountant a better idea of what's going on in these transactions:

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