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How to import data from centralized exchanges

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You can usually import your exchange data via direct file upload, connecting via the API, or manually manipulating your trading history into our manual CSV format. If you are trading on a decentralized exchange, or directly from your wallet, you should type in the name of the blockchain (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum) and enter your wallet address.

Direct File Upload

Depending on the exchange you can upload either a CSV or XLSX file that has been exported directly from that exchange. This requires no manipulation of the file on your end, you simply drag and drop it into the app.

Usually, we have instructions on how to do this in the app. It is important not to touch the file before uploading. Sometimes your computer can change the format of the file and this can cause issues uploading.

API Connection

Instructions on how to import via API are usually available in the application. Make sure you only ever add read-only keys. We will not be responsible for any loss of funds. Never add keys that enable trading or withdrawal. If you are not sure, reach out to the exchanges support.

Sync via Wallet Address

If you are trading on a decentralized exchange you can import your transaction history directly from the blockchain by adding your wallet address. Just select the blockchain network you have been trading on the import page. For example, if you have been trading on Uniswap via Metamask on the Ethereum network, you would type Ethereum into the search bar.

Manipulating CSV Manually

If your exchange is not on the list or imported failed, you can try importing via manual CSV.

We provide a number of manual CSV formats to make it easy for you to import transactions manually. Make sure your data is prepared correctly and in a .csv file format!

Search "manual" on your Import page.

Click "Use CTC CSV template to import" will open the window (see the below image) where you can import the manual CSV. You can also edit the Exchange name here.


What about Decentralized Exchanges?

If you traded on a decentralized exchange you directly pull in the data from the blockchain by selecting the network in the import list and entering your public wallet address. Usually, we are able to auto-categorize this trading activity using the true source of information: the blockchain! See import instructions here.

My Exchange is not on the list. What should I do?

We have two different formats to try and help. You can see the instructions by clicking the "add via Manual CSV" link underneath the import list. See the instructions here.

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