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Will the platform bring in new transactions automatically?
Will the platform bring in new transactions automatically?

How to sync your wallets to bring in new transactions

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The Crypto Tax Calculator platform can pull in the transaction history of your wallets by reading the data that is available on the blockchain. The process is similar for exchange API keys, except the data is determined by the exchange rather than an immutable, public blockchain. When you transact, the data is added to the blockchain or the exchange API.

To bring in new transactions on your Crypto Tax Calculator account, you must ‘Sync’ your wallets and exchange API keys. This prompts the platform to check the data source for new transactions and add them to your transaction table. Some exchanges limit the number of times you can do this per week/month, so be sure to double-check your exchange limits if you would like to update your transactions regularly. Transactions on the blockchain have no limit and can be synced as often as you like.

How to Initiate a Sync

To pull in this new data and sync your wallets and exchange APIs, go to the ‘Integrations’ tab:

Go to the import you would like to sync. You will be able to see the last time it was updated. To bring in any new data, click the circular arrows to initiate the sync:

You will see the import will now say ‘syncing’:

Once completed, you will see it show ‘Synced’ and ‘Updated a few seconds ago’ on the import:

The same process applies for exchange API keys.

If you are using CSV files to import your data, you will obviously have to add the CSV containing the new transactions to the platform in order to have them added to your transaction table.

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