One of the ways you can manage your clients is through a full-service (white glove) offering where the client does not even have to know about CryptoTaxCalculator. In this scenario, you are not inviting the client to come onto the platform. As seen below, the 'invite' button is left untouched as it is (as opposed to it been 'accepted'):

How to get the data from the client?

You (as the accountant) are simply collecting all the data from the client whether that be CSV files, API keys or wallet addresses.

Let's say your client tells you they are using Binance and prefer downloading CSV files over API keys. As the accountant - you can simply type in 'Binance' into the Import Data page, then copy the CSV instructions on the right hand side and send them over to your client:

From there, you can collect the Binance CSV file(s) which your client sends you and import it into our app.

Review Transactions

Once you've imported all the client's data, you can head to the Review Transactions page and see how many items are left to reconcile. This will give you a rough indication of much work is needed to provide the full-service offering for that client.

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