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Inviting team members to the platform
Inviting team members to the platform

A guide to different roles' access and how to invite and work with your colleagues.

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If you have an existing accountant portal, you can invite your colleagues onto the platform so they can gain access to work with clients as well.

Access for Admin and Collaborator

There are a few things to be notified of before adding your co-workers as team members:

  • Your team members can see and edit all the clients' data as you do.

  • You can not invite an existing account as your team member.




Per accountant portal



Invite team members

Invite clients

Upgrade clients

Edit and see all clients' data

Generate reports

Invite your colleagues to the platform

  1. Log into your CryptoTaxCalculator account then head to the Clients tab and select Team in the top left corner.

  2. Enter the details of your colleague then click Send.

From here, they will receive an invitation via their email. They can click on the invitation link which will lead them to Crypto Tax Calculator's sign-up page. Once signed up, they can start working with you and your clients.

How do I know if I'm an Admin or a Collaborator?



How to create your account

Create an account by yourself without any invite link.

Create an account by receiving an invitation from your colleague.

What shows when you click your profile

Remove a team member

If you wish to remove a team member from accessing the platform via your accountant's portal platform, the Admin accountant can revoke their access.

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