If you have an existing accountant portal, you can invite your colleagues onto the platform for them to gain access to work with clients as well.

Please note, when you invite your colleague to the platform, they will have the exact same access that you have. That is, they will be able to see and manage all the clients which are in your CryptoTaxCalculator account.

To invite your colleagues to the platform:

  1. Log into your CryptoTaxCalculator account then head to the 'My Clients' tab and select 'Team' in the top left:

  2. Enter in the details of your colleague then click 'Send':

From here, they will receive an invitation via their email. They can click on the invitation link which will lead them to CryptoTaxCalculator's sign up page. Once signed up, they will now have accepted the invitation and have the same access as you so they can begin working alongside clients.

NOTE: if you wish to remove a team member from accessing the platform via your accountant's portal platform, you can revoke their access:

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