NOTE: Keep in mind that you can NOT reverse your account back to the individual plan once you upgrade it to the accountant portal.

If you are an accountant who has been using the individual version of the platform, and now you want to upgrade to the accountant portal in order to add your additional clients, you can follow the below instructions.

  1. Log into your CryptoTaxCalculator account:

  2. Select the top right corner profile, then choose 'plans' on the dropdown menu:

  3. Click 'Accountant', and then 'Get Started':

  4. Assuming you already have an existing CryptoTaxCalculator account, we will migrate your existing account to become the first client within the accountant portal:

  5. Enter in your company name and contact name:

  6. From here, you can see that the first client has been added. If you had an existing individual CryptoTaxCalculator account, this first client will just be a migrated version of your original account.

    For each additional client that you need to add, you can just select the top right corner in the 'My Clients' tab, then in the right corner '+ Add new client' and go from there:

    NOTE: you won't have to pay for those additional clients until you go to the 'Report' page and generate the reports for them (i.e., this is where you hit the paywall). Again, either you OR the client pays for the subscription (not both).

What do I do if I'm an accountant and haven't created a CryptoTaxCalculator account yet?

If you are an accountant and haven't actually created any account yet, you can ignore all the steps above and just go ahead to sign up via here:

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