What integrations does CTC support?
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Importing your historical transaction data is a crucial step to having accurate reports. Crypto Tax Calculator offers easy data import with almost 3,000 integrations (and still counting). Wonder if your wallets/protocols/blockchains/exchanges are supported? Keep reading to find out!

The Integrations tab

Log into your CTC account and navigate to the Integrations tab (or access via this link). You can search for the name of the exchange, wallet, or blockchain that you'd like to import.

The CTC's homepage

If you don't have a CTC account, you can head to our homepage to search for your integration.

What if my protocol or wallet isn't listed?

While some protocols or wallets may not appear in the lists above, if they operate on the blockchains we support, you can likely still import them through these blockchains.

You can check your wallets or the protocol documents to determine which blockchains your transactions are on. Then, you can import your wallet on that blockchain, which will include the transactions for that protocol.

For example, there is no result when searching for 'OpenSea'.

However, based on this document, OpenSea is available on the following blockchains.

If you have OpenSea transactions on Ethereum Mainnet, import your Ethereum wallet on CTC will import your OpenSea transactions.

What to do if your exchange, wallet, or blockchain is not supported?

As you can imagine, thousands of different exchanges, wallets, and blockchains are available in the crypto space, so it takes us some time to add all of them. If your exchange, wallet, or blockchain isn't supported, please use the Advanced (Custom) CSV import to upload your data.

Feel free to contact our friendly Support Team and submit a feature request for the exchange, wallet, or blockchain you would like us to support in the future.

How do I import my data?

Once you found your integrations, check out the following articles provide a step-by-step guide on importing your transactions from exchanges, wallets, and blockchains.

1. Import Exchange Transactions
2. Import Wallet and DeFi Transactions

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