How to read Audit report

The Audit report is the report that provides a log of the data that was imported and changes that were made to it including the tax settings applied. It is a useful reflection of all of the activities that took place from the start to finish of generating reports, should this need to be presented to a relevant body for proof.

The top of the audit report will include the time and date that the report was generated for a selected time period. The report details include basic information around the account and some tax settings. These settings can be accessed when logged in by going to the top right and selecting Settings → Portfolio and Tax

The Country and Currency cannot be changed, these are assigned when you sign up and select a country.

The Inventory Method and Cost Basis Tracking options differ by region, and it is best to consult an accountant if you decide to change these.

Tax Settings

The tax settings section of the report are a reflection of the Portfolio toggles (right picture) that is found in the Portfolio and Tax settings.

Unreconciled Warnings

The unreconciled warnings section indicates any outstanding issues that our system has flagged that have not been addressed yet. At the bottom is a total count of these. It is recommended that to obtain accurate reports, you import all of your data and proceed to address all of the reconciliation warnings.

Unmodified Transactions

The unmodified transaction section contains all of the transactions that were imported and were not edited in any way*. Under each transactions data you will see the **notes, transaction ID and any warning associated with the transaction if they were present.

  • If the Asset, Date, Amount, Price or Fee were edited, these transactions will now be placed in the following section: Modified Transactions. Any other modifications such as to the Type or the source (Account) will not appear in the modifications at this time.

Modified Transaction

The modified transactions show transactions that have been modified by a user. The report displays changes to Asset, Date, Amount, Price and Fee, with the highlighted yellow indicating where changes were made.

The data that was modified is shown in it’s current state, and there is no display of what it was previously.

**At this time there is no indication of who changed the data, so all modified transactions appear in this section without distinction.

Ignored Transactions

The final section of the report will show ignored transactions if you have any. This includes transactions that are Spam, Ignore In and Ignore Out. These transactions are not included in calculations for the reports, but are here for reference.

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