The income report is the report that you will need to file a return for transactions that are taxed as income. The exact definition of what income should be in crypto is up for debate and not many countries have given any exact guidance on what should be considered income or not. As a result, we allow you to choose if transaction categories such as Airdrops, Mining and Staking Rewards should be considered income.

To find this area, head to the settings page and click the General tab, then just scroll down a little bit to find the Tax Settings. It is advised that you speak with an accountant familiar with your countries tax laws before changing any of these settings.

Note: If any of these toggles are switched off (grey color) then we won’t display that transaction category on this report.

Report Summary

At the top of the income report, you will find the report summary, which will look similar to the above image.

This is a summary of all the income that you have made during the selected financial year, not including income earned from leverage/margin (These transactions can be found in the Derivatives Trading Report).

The report summary categories in this report can be found below:

Airdrop - Total income received from airdrops during the selected dates

Income - Total income earned from the category income

Interest - Total Income earned from interest payments

Staking - Total income earned from staking rewards

Mining - Total income earned from mining

Total Income - Airdrop + Income + Interest + Staking + Mining

Taxable Income Events

Below the summary page, you will get down to the raw data that makes up this report.

This part of the report is called the Taxable Income Events and it will include all the transactions that are considered taxable and is a breakdown of the report summary at the top.

Each of these rows will describe an individual income event that has occurred during the selected financial year. The data for these transactions will then be broken down into five columns:

Currency: The currency that was responsible for the income event

Received: The date and time the income was acquired.

Trade Type: The category of trade that was responsible for the received income

Quantity: The amount of the asset that was received as income.

Income: The value of the income that was earned (this will be displayed in your local currency Eg. USD, AUD, EUR)

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