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Reports are Not Downloading
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Your reports will be available once you have paid for a plan.

Note: The accuracy depends on how complete the data is and the reconciliation work you've done following the Review page.

After reconciling all the transactions and resolving all the warnings via the ‘Reviews’ page, you can download your reports in both CSV and PDF format via the ‘Report’ tab.

You might encounter the below scenarios when your reports are not downloading:

  • The page is blank.

  • The page keeps taking you back to the same page without downloading your reports.

  • The page keeps loading, but your reports are not downloaded.

  • The page doesn’t react.

How to resolve the issue

It may take some time if you have a lot of transactions, but the reports should usually be generated within a 5 - 15 minute timeframe. If you have trouble downloading your reports, please try some of the following steps:

  • Refresh the page and log out and log in again.

  • Check if your browser is blocking pop-up windows.

  • Check if your browser is updated to the newest version.

  • Clear your browser history, cookies, and caches.

  • Try other browsers (especially if you are using Safari). Google Chrome usually works better.

  • Check if your PDF reader is updated.

  • Try another device (if your device has aged)

Receive the reports via email

You can also go to Settings -> Data management and select 'Always send reports by email' to receive the reports via email.

If you are using the accountant portal

Ensure you select the first client on your Settings page to see the Email Reports option available for you.

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