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Exchange File Upload Failed
Exchange File Upload Failed
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If you are trying to upload a CSV or XLSX file and this is failing, please check if you are uploading the files with the correct format. Many exchanges provide reports in different formats for different purposes. We analyze the data and only support specific ones that make sense for our algorithm. If you try importing the files that we don't support, the upload will fail.


  1. Make sure you are carefully following the instructions on the Integration -> Chosen exchange and that you are uploading the correct file.

  2. Sometimes, opening the file and closing it could change the format, which might also cause failure.

If you have double-checked all of the above and the upload is still failing, then the exchange might have recently changed their format. Please contact support with:

  1. The exchange name.

  2. An example of the CSV or XLSX file so we can replicate and fix the issue on our end.

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