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Sync History Feature
Sync History Feature

How to manage sync history and delete transactions of a specific sync.

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You can view your sync history in the Integrations tab to manage transactions imported from specific syncs. This feature lets you review transactions associated with particular syncs and delete specific import histories as needed.

Check Your Sync History

1. Check Sync History Per Account/Integration

This option lets you view the complete sync history for a specific account or integration. If you've added multiple wallet addresses or APIs for integration, the Sync History will display all syncs related to that account or integration.

Click the 3 dots on the right side of your imported wallet/exchange. Then, select Sync History.

2. Check Sync History Per Wallet/API

This option lets you view the sync history of a specific imported wallet address or API.
Click the three dots beside the wallet address or API. Then, select Sync History.

Sync History Details

Your sync history will look similar to the below image:


The sync ID (automatically generated by CTC for each sync)


The API key/wallet address and the Integration name


The sync's timestamp in your local time


The number of (grouped) transactions imported for that specific sync. Click the arrow beside the quantity to view the transactions in a separate tab.

3 dots

Clicking the 3 dots will allow you to view the transactions or delete the sync. Note: Deleting a specific sync history is irreversible.


Q1: How to View the Transactions of a Specific Sync History

In the Sync History pop-up window, click the arrow beside the quantity.

Alternatively, click the 3 dots, then select 'View Transactions'.

Q2: How to Delete a Specific Sync History

Click the 3 dots at the right side of the sync you wish to delete. Then, select 'Delete'.

Note: Deleting a specific sync history is irreversible. You need to hard sync your wallet/API to import the deleted transactions.

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