Transaction Count (#txs)

Explains how #txs are counted on the Transactions page including spam and ignored transactions.

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What does the transaction count do and where to find it?

The transaction count (#txs) shown on your Transactions page is the indicator of which plan you should subscribe. (Find which plan suits you here.) However, there are some settings that might slightly change this number.

You can find your #txs on the top-left corner of the Transactions page,

Ignored and spam transactions are not counted

On the Transactions page, you can switch the toggle to see or hide the ignored and spam transactions if you click Other filters. When you switch the toggle off to show your ignored and spam transactions, the #txs will increase, but this does not affect your billings.

Note: You are not charged for ignored and spam transactions even when the number is added to the #txs.

Hide ignored/spam transactions toggle



The transaction count (#txs)

Not counted


The transaction limit for your subscription

Not counted

Not counted

The transaction count is not relevant to your reports

The transaction count and the way they are listed in the reports are not relevant to the transaction count (#txs) shown on your Transactions page. You do not need to worry if you find the counts are different. There are a lot of nuances in how the transactions are counted and listed due to the different purposes of the reports and pages.

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