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What is CryptoTaxCalculator?
Scope of CTC Customer Support
Scope of CTC Customer Support

What we can/cannot assist you with at Crypto Tax Calculator

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Crypto Tax Calculator Support Specialists are NOT certified tax professionals. We do our best to provide general guidance on how to use our self-service platform. However, please keep in mind that we are unable to file your taxes, complete reconciliations on your behalf, or provide tax advice.

Navigating the world of crypto taxes can be confusing for many individuals. The intricacies of what it entails can often leave people feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about their tax obligations. We're here with open arms to help! πŸ˜‡ Our expert team of support specialists is dedicated to analyzing the complexities surrounding crypto taxes and will aim to provide you with a clear understanding of how to effectively utilize our platform to ensure you maintain compliance and work out your tax obligations.

Self-Service Help Resources

Crypto Tax Calculator prepared comprehensive self-service help resources so you can find an immediate answer to your concern.

  • Dedicated Help Centre with in-depth articles and guides to help you understand common issues and navigate your way around the platform.

  • The exchange/wallet instructions on your integration page.

  • YouTube Channel with crypto tax knowledge and interviews with crypto tax professionals.

  • Blogs and tax guides surrounding the space of crypto taxes.

Reach Out to the Customer Support Team

If the self-service help resources do not answer your questions, you can reach out to the support team πŸ€“ by accessing the in-app chat at the bottom right of the page.

What Support CAN Help With βœ…

  • Provide guidance on how to import your data and map your manual CSV.

  • Direct you to the correct help resources regarding your inquiries about your transactions.

  • Provide the most suitable solutions within our app according to what you want to achieve for your tax reports. (Please be aware that we recommend consulting a tax professional if in doubt.)

What Support CAN NOT Help With ❌

  • Create or complete manual CSV files for you.

  • Reconcile your transactions.

  • Review or audit your transactional history, along with tax liabilities.

  • Generate reports or file taxes on your behalf.

  • Go through your transactions via phone or video calls.

  • Provide tax advice (e.g. what tax settings or transaction categories should be used according to your individual situation).

Our Support Specialists are experts in guiding you on using our platform to generate accurate reports, but we are not certified tax professionals. We always recommend you sit down with a local tax professional if unsure about specific issues. We do our best to provide general guidance and offer suggestions as well as possible workarounds, but ultimately, we cannot answer questions such as;

"How/What should this be categorized/reconciled as?"

"Can you please file my taxes for me?"

"Can you please do it all for me?"

"Can you please check if my calculations are all correct?"

If you have the needs mentioned above, the below section could be an alternative solution for you.

Extra Assistance

While our primary objective is to provide you with comprehensive information and general guidance in helping you finalize your tax obligations, we also totally understand that the DIY approach may not be suitable for everyone. For those requiring that extra helping hand, we have established partnerships with highly regarded crypto taxation firms in many countries.

If you ever need extra help from our partners, feel free to reach out to our Support Team through online chat. We will happily provide you with a complete list of our partnered accountants / CPAs in your tax jurisdiction. 😊

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