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Missing Blockchain Notifications

An simple guide to resolving your missing blockchain notifications

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Missing Blockchain suggestions are extremely simple to resolve and have an immense impact on the accuracy of your reported balances in each wallet. The first step is to understand why this situation occurs. As you are likely aware, the same wallet address can be used across a substantial number of blockchains. This is especially common with EVM chains and L2s.

As there are many assets that can exist on multiple chains, many exchanges offer the option to send your assets via different chains to save on fees, however, they rarely report which chain was used to withdraw. If you have a wallet uploaded to the Crypto Tax Calculator Platform across multiple blockchains, this can make it difficult for the platform to recognize which blockchain to assign to the withdrawal wallet. This can also occur with manual CSVs as there is no blockchain specified for the wallet.

To fix this warning, you need to assign a blockchain to the transaction, thus specifying which wallet you’re referring to.

Example Scenario

You have imported the wallet address 0x123... on multiple chains, such as your MetaMask wallets on Ethereum, Avalanche and Polygon etc. You then import a manual CSV or exchange file referencing the same address 0x123.... However, it is ambiguous to know which chain this address is on, as you’ve imported the same address on Ethereum, Avalanche and Polygon. Without reconciling this issue, it is unclear which address you’re referring to and your reports may be inaccurate.

The warnings will show on the individual transactions under the 'Transactions' tab.

Actioning the Suggestion

The solution to this problem is to edit the transaction and assign the correct blockchain that you know this transaction took place on.

For instance, if you know it was your Ethereum MetaMask wallet, you’d specify Ethereum when adding the blockchain. You can add the blockchain by either clicking on the plus symbol next to the suggestion:

Or in the edit transaction side bar:

The blockchain options available to select come from the addresses you’ve imported. Therefore, if your correct blockchain isn’t appearing, make sure you’ve imported all the holdings on related chains.

This could have also come about because you edited a transaction and removed its blockchain manually, in which case you should add the original blockchain back to reconcile this issue. Note that when editing a transaction in the side bar, you will have to “unlock” the blockchain and agree to the prompt.

To solve missing blockchain suggestions, you can filter by Missing Blockchain to view all transactions with this suggestion.

If you remove a blockchain from a transaction that should normally have one, you may encounter a question mark blockchain symbol in your dashboard’s holdings, indicating that it is ambiguous which wallet you’re holding this on.

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