On the Portfolio page, you can see both your calculated and reported balances of the coins you hold in the specific wallet or exchange.

Most of the time, the reported balances match the wallet balances on the blockchain explorer. However, it occasionally doesn’t match when the token is a reflection or rebase token that increases or decreases by itself without on-chain records.

CryptoTaxCalculator calculates your reported balance from the reported on-chain transactions. We are unable to import the transactions that do not exist on-chain. Hence, when you have a reflection or rebase token, it could cause a discrepancy between your reported balance in CTC and your wallet balance on-chain.

As long as the missing transactions (that are not recorded on-chain) are added to correct the balance, you do not need to worry about this discrepancy, as this figure does not affect your reports.

For more information on how to handle reflection or rebase tokens, please check:

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