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Handling OTC Trades

How to enter OTC trades into the Crypto Tax Calculator Platform

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Over-the-counter (OTC) trades are done directly between two parties, such as a broker or another individual. OTC trades are quite common in crypto, and because there is no use of a central exchange, generally there is just a record left on the blockchain. This record will show an asset being sent from one wallet to another, which can lead to some confusion if you cannot remember the details of the transaction. If it was a crypto-to-crypto OTC trade, then there would be an outgoing transaction from the wallet as well. In the case of fiat-to-crypto trades, there is generally just one incoming trade recorded on-chain.

Inputting this Data into Crypto Tax Calculator

There are two very easy ways to input OTC trades into the platform. If you have many OTC trades, it is recommended to use the advanced manual CSV:

To enter the trade into the CSV, simply follow the steps in the guide. Below shows a Fiat-to-crypto trade followed by a crypto-to-crypto trade in the correct CSV format:

The other option is to use the “+ add transaction” button on the top right of the transactions page:

For this option, use “buy” when buying crypto with fiat, “sell” when selling crypto to fiat, or “trade” when trading crypto-to-crypto.
Note: All categories are available under “other”.

Once you have selected the correct category, go ahead and fill in the details of the OTC deal:

The source should be the wallet that you received the asset from. Include any fees paid. Once this is complete, select save, and it will be added to your transaction table!

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