Once you and the client have imported all the data and successfully reviewed all the transactions, you can head over to the 'Reports' page to download the tax reports.

NOTE: the screenshots below are the tax configurations displayed for an Australian CryptoTaxCalculator user. If you are in a different country/tax jurisdiction - your financial year periods and inventory methods will look different.

Financial Year Period

As seen below, we date the reports all the way back to 2013, so you can go back and download the tax reports from previous financial years:

Custom Date Reports

We also provide the option to produce custom date reports - simply enter in the start and end date:

Inventory Method

The default inventory method will change depending on the country that was selected upon sign-up. If another inventory method is selected, please make sure it is accepted in the relevant jurisdiction.

NOTE: if you are a client using the platform, it's always best to check with your accountant to see which inventory method is most appropriate to use.

Different Types of Reports

Once you have selected your financial year period and inventory method, you can click the 'Download Reports' button on the right-hand side.

We have 8 different types of tax reports. The main one that accountants and clients are usually after is the Capital Gains Report and the Income Report, but we do provide other reports according to what you need.

Each tax report can be downloaded both as a PDF and as a CSV file.

NOTE: You can generate the reports as many times as you'd like as long as you have an active subscription with us.

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