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Is my Subscription Tax Deductible in Australia?
Is my Subscription Tax Deductible in Australia?
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Depending on your individual circumstances your tax software may be tax deductible.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) mentions this under the policy section ‘Cost of Managing Tax Affairs’. It states that you can claim a deduction for expenses you incur in managing your own tax affairs including those such as:

“buying software that allows you to prepare and lodge your tax return”

Please ensure to keep a record of the invoice we send upon your subscription sign-up. You may need to provide this as evidence to support your expense claim.

NOTE: you generally incur the fees in the year you pay them. For example if you paid for a subscription plan with us in August 2021, that invoice should be reported for the 2021-2022 Financial Year.

For more information please review the information provided by the ATO:

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